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Innovation and Evolution in the Supplement Industry

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In years past, there may have been a perceived lack of innovation in dietary supplements, but change has occurred rapidly, as evidenced by the steady growth rate of the supplement industry over the past decade. The global sports nutrition market alone is expected to grow by over 8% per year, reaching $45.27 billion by 2022. Innovations within many areas of the industry, such as transparency in the supply chain, ingredient delivery, customization/personalization, and in the science behind product formulation and results, are helping to fuel this growth.

Research and Development Can Help Drive Innovation

Research and development are vital in creating innovations in product formulations. That can mean being first to market with a new ingredient–but it can also involve using established substances, such as agricultural products or botanicals, in a new way or a unique application. In addition, these types of ingredients may have significant data behind them, saving on research time and costs. Another way to innovate is by creating new categories of products, such as those for brain or eye health that have gained prominence in recent years. Manufacturers can also innovate in the dosage form or packaging. The rise of energy stick packs and gummies are examples of how the same ingredients can be delivered in fresh ways that offer greater convenience to consumers. There is even research underway to use DNA-analysis to extract information from the gut microbiota of elite athletes to help create potential new probiotics.

The Supply Chain Benefits from Innovation as Well

Innovation isn’t just important in developing the products themselves, but also in the supply chain that brings those products to market. Supplement manufacturers are attempting to create greater transparency through initiatives like Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for Botanical Materials from the American Herbal Products Association, the Supplement Safety and Compliance Initiative (SSCI), and the Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA). On top of that, innovative new testing standards are becoming possible using reliable, affordable DNA-based tools.

Customization and Personalization is Increasingly in Demand

Personalized nutrition platforms are an essential part of an evolving marketplace. Manufacturers and retailers have access to more data from their customers than ever before thanks to subscription programs, surveys, and data from fitness trackers. Companies can then leverage that data to create profiles for their potential customers and create customized products to address their specific needs.

Deerland Strives for Innovation in All That We Do

At Deerland, we are experts in probiotics and enzymes. Our goal is to lead the industry by placing science at the forefront of everything we do. Innovation sets us apart, and we have the ability to perform clinical testing and time-intensive studies in our pursuit of overall wellness for the end users of our cutting-edge products. Deerland prioritizes research and development in order to create innovative formulations as trusted advisors to our customers. We believe if we can make someone’s quality of life better, we’ve done our jobs.

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