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The Dietary Supplement Market Looks Toward a Bright Future

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Projections show the U.S. Dietary Supplement Market will continue to grow through 2019 and beyond. One factor driving this growth is an increased emphasis on digestive health leading to greater interest in probiotics. Further, consumer purchasing and nutrition trends are propelling the development of new technologies in packaging and delivery methods.

The Dietary Supplement Market is Growing Steadily

 According to a Research and Markets report, the global dietary supplements market is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 6% over the next few years. A shift in lifestyles and diet habits during the past two decades are major factors in the increased use of supplements. The report also states that investment in research and development is expected to fuel further supplement market growth. Finally, innovation in how products are packaged and sold is a key factor. The rapid growth of e-commerce and online sales of dietary supplements, for example, are expected to increase dramatically. The report also indicates that providers in this market must compete on the basis of added health benefits, product differentiation, category extension, and innovation in products and applications.

The Interest in Dietary Supplements Will Continue to Increase

Estimates state that over two-thirds of American adults consume dietary supplements, contributing $121.6 billion to the economy. With the country’s continued issue of obesity and resulting adverse effects, Americans are increasingly turning to dietary supplements, such as probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes, to help them optimize digestion, thereby improving their overall health. Also, the aging population is turning to supplements to help them sustain their physical health. The probiotic segment, in particular, is growing rapidly due to the increasing amount of research around the microbiome and the effects of gut bacteria on overall health beyond digestion. The addition of prebiotics supplements helps maintain digestive balance while supplying the required nutrition probiotics need to thrive. Finally, digestive enzymes help break down macronutrients to facilitate efficient absorption.

New Packaging and Delivery Methods are Giving Consumers More Choices

 Today, supplements are available in a variety of forms including traditional capsules, as well as gummies, soft chews, granules, and liquids. This wide range of options is responsible for attracting new consumers to the supplements market, driving further growth. Moreover, packaging options are driving consumer decisions. According to research, consumers prefer dispensing containers with smaller orifices when they want help controlling dosing, while wider orifices are preferable for larger pills and gummies. Other desirable options are child-resistant closures, audible clicks to indicate a secure closing, and large thumb recesses for easy, one-handed opening and closing. Environmentally conscious consumers are also interested in sustainable packaging but are unwilling to compromise convenience or functionality in the name of sustainability.

Increased awareness of digestive health and the broader variety of dosage formats are taking the dietary supplements market to greater heights than ever before. Deerland is a leading specialty formulator and manufacturer of probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzyme dietary supplements. To find out more, visit

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