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Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes offers career opportunities in a variety of areas including Manufacturing, Research & Development, Product Development, Operations, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs and Sales. The company offers a comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees.

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Available Positions

Warehouse Operator

The Warehouse Operator is responsible for performing tasks assigned by the Warehouse Manager including checking inbound receipts, preparing outbound shipments and maintaining inventory counts.

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Senior Quality Control Chemist

The Senior Quality Control Chemist prepares and tests samples from all phases of a manufacturing or other handling process, with the goal of determining if the substance meets the standards or requirements of the project. They employ a variety of methods that can vary but generally require intermediate lab-work skills and a thorough understanding of chemical testing equipment and processes. They will prepare documents that report the results of their lab work. They are also responsible for minor equipment troubleshooting and repair. T

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Food Applications Specialist

The food applications specialist will be responsible for all inquiries and actions pertaining to food applications. They will work with sales, marketing and customers to test branded products added to designated foods. They will make the samples, set them up for stability, do testing such as taste, smell, texture, etc. and create a professional package for the customer to review samples. They are responsible for extracting/testing actives in the food matrix. They will also be responsible for the scientific content of marketing materials for food applications. They will mix, cook and create samples for the customer to consume. Candidates must be familiar with food processing/manufacturing process in order to create samples and help customers produce the final product, as well as create methods for testing the actives in the food for label and regulatory purposes.

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Production Operators

Production Operators are responsible for the manufacture and packaging of products through staging, mixing, blending, encapsulation and batching tasks. They operate a variety of mixing/blending equipment across the production floor and are involved in weighing, blending, mixing, encapsulating, and packaging, counting, and working with raw materials used in the assigned production area. Production Operators perform various quality checks and assist in the cleaning and change-over of equipment.

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Inside Sales Representative

The function of the Inside Sales Representative is to provide direct support to the Business Development team in the ongoing support, management, and growth of new prospects and existing customers. The position will independently handle pre-determined accounts in full and provide internal assistance on existing opportunities for all other accounts.

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