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ATPrime: The Energy Molecule

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Most people think “high-energy” foods are high in sugars, caffeine, or certain vitamins, but none of these by themselves is the source of true energy—that role belongs to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main energy “currency” of all living cells.

What is ATP?
ATP is the principal molecule for storing and transferring cellular energy. In fact, it is the most widely distributed high-energy compound in the human body. It is used by every cell to build complex molecules: it’s used to move muscles, and it’s a signaling molecule for many important processes such as digestion and metabolism.

Where is ATP?
ATP is produced in every cell of the body, and although it is manufactured in the body on a continual basis—age, exercise (weight training, sports), and other stressors can significantly deplete ATP. We can consume ATP through raw foods, like fruits, vegetables and nuts. Unfortunately, the average American diet consists of cooked foods devoid of ATP and important enzymes. This can result in gastric problems, since ATP influences gastric acid and pepsin secretions, mucus production, and contractility of the stomach. In other words, ATP is needed for timely, proper, and complete digestion of food.

Effects of Low ATP
Without sufficient levels of ATP consumed through our diets, the body must make all the ATP it needs, using its own energy and resources to do so. This puts the body into a constant state of short-term energy production, which is highly inefficient. As a result, people feel fatigue, hunger, and digestive distress. Low ATP can also weaken immune systems.

A digestive supplement that provides ATP and enhances ATP production can help offset this deficiency. ATPrime is an ingredient that provides ATP without using the body’s energy and resources, supporting proper nutrient absorption.

For digestive health formulations, Deerland offers ATPrime as a complementary technology to enzymes and probiotics. Combining ATPrime with enzyme and/or probiotic formulations provides ultimate digestive support by decreasing the energy demand of the digestive process

To learn more about the importance of ATP and how ATPrime can improve your supplement product, contact us today!

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