Product Innovation

At Deerland Enzymes, we take pride in the science-supported dietary supplement formulations we develop with our customers. Although we specialize in customized formulations, we have also developed an exclusive line of university-studied products which can be used as-is, or as the basis for a custom formulation. Our Ph.D. and M.D. led research and product development teams are on top of the latest technological developments and supplement market trends, delivering the most advanced product lines available.

Dairylytic is a dual-functioning enzyme blend for supplement capsules or tablets, designed to break down the lactose associated with intolerance, as well as make milk proteins that could cause an immune response easier to digest. Find out more.

Deerland Enzymes has genome sequenced and clinically tested DE111, a highly effective and stable strain of Bacillus subtilis that supports digestive and immune health. Find out more.

ProHydrolase is an advanced enzyme blend designed to build muscle mass and speed up muscle recovery by maximizing the benefits of protein supplements. It effectively digests proteins into a bio-usable form.
Find out more.

ThioZymeGI helps promote optimal digestive tract function by promoting normal bacteria populations in the small intestine, using enzymes and complementary natural ingredients. Find out more.

Glutalytic is a uniquely designed enzyme blend for supplement capsules or tablets that breaks down gluten proteins faster and more efficiently by attacking the internal and external bonds that make up the gluten protein. Find out more.

PreforPro supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut through a novel prebiotic that’s not fiber or starch-based, and requires a significantly smaller dosage than typical prebiotics. Find out more.

Targeted to help maintain a healthy antioxidant/pro-oxidant balance, the patented components of ThioZymeAO work synergistically to replicate the body’s own defensive network. Find out more.

ThioZymeYD is formulated with enzymes and natural ingredients to support optimal digestive tract function by promoting a normal population of yeast such as Candida in the small intestine. Find out more.