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Digestive Health Supplements Yield a Measurable Difference

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The simple purpose of a dietary supplement is to improve the health of the consumer, ultimately making an appreciable difference in the quality of people’s lives. When consumers can feel the positive results of taking a supplement, they are highly likely to continue purchasing that product. And with 37% of U.S. consumers reporting digestive issues, there’s a lot of opportunity for supplement companies to focus their efforts on providing quality products aimed at gut health.

Many health problems can be traced to the gut.  Our diets are filled with convenience foods that often contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and sugars that negatively affect the microbiome (bacterial population) of the gut by encouraging the growth of Candida and undesirable strains of bacteria. It is important to take extra steps to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, and the right digestive health supplement can help create just that.

The microbiota, often referred to as the microbiome, is the ecological community of microorganisms that make up about half the body’s cells. The typical human microbiome consists of about 80% healthy and 20% pathogenic microorganisms, but all too many people are imbalanced, with far too many bad bacteria taking up residence in the gut.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of a healthy gut. A healthy level of good bacteria in the gut aids in digestion and produces a variety of vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Acute symptoms like acid reflux, stomach upset, intestinal cramps, and gas are all warning signs that the digestive tract isn’t functioning properly, and may be imbalanced. A healthy gut not only alleviates digestive discomfort—it also lifts both mood and brain fog, sharpening thinking and increasing feelings of happiness and well-being. Indeed, anxiety, nervousness, and stress are often caused by an unhealthy digestive system. As if that weren’t enough, poor gut health causes negative effects on the immune system, leading to allergies and inflammation.

An improperly balanced microbiome can create a vicious cycle. Too many bad bacteria in the gut results in poor nutrition, reduced energy and ultimately a compromised immune system. Bad bacteria and Candida thrive in these conditions, and continue to grow in the gut. Repopulating the gut with good bacteria that will crowd out the bad bacteria is key, and a digestive health supplement that incorporates enzymes, probiotics and/or prebiotics is the most effective, efficient way to break this cycle and get on the path to overall wellness. Digestive enzymes can help to optimize the digestion process for the complete release and absorption of food nutrients.  Probiotics rebuild the proper microbiome balance, and prebiotics help these good bacteria thrive and take up residence in the gut for sustained benefits.

The gut microbiome is one of the most exciting areas of science today; Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics takes pride in the science-supported formulations we develop for digestive health. Although we specialize in customized formulations, we have also developed an exclusive line of university-studied products to offer to our customers, which can be used as-is, or the basis for a custom formulation.  Visit us and learn more at!


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