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Systemic Enzymes: A Powerful Catalyst for Optimal Overall Health

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Every cell in the human body uses enzymes for building, maintenance and repair. Although the human body naturally produces many enzymes, their production may dwindle as early as age 25. Systemic enzymes are enzymes that not only aid digestion but also support bodily functions in every tissue and organ. These functions include defense against inflammation, fighting infection, modulating the immune system and cleansing the blood of cellular waste and fibrin – a hard, sticky protein formed during clotting of blood. Nearly every process in the human body involves chemical reactions catalyzed by proteins called enzymes.

Systemic enzymes offer various health benefits and may be used as health supplements for specific issues; however, they also serve as excellent prophylactic supplements for general body support. The health benefits (cardiovascular, circulatory and joint health) of systemic enzymes have created a growing niche market. Systemic enzymes promote normal healing and repair in the human body naturally without the side-effects associated with drug products. At Deerland, we offer systemic enzymes, which have a long history of successful use as dietary supplements.

Perhaps the best-known example of systemic enzymes is NSK-SD® nattokinase, which helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and may help sustain cardiovascular health. The claims for nattokinase are corroborated by 25 years of scientific research and testing. Other commonly studied systemic enzymes include bromelain, which degrades fibrin associated with clot formation. The systemic enzyme, serratiopeptidase, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is used to supplement the diet for this benefit.

Systemic enzymes help to speed the resolution of fibrin, clear out cellular waste from the blood to support normal liver function and boost the immune system. Yeast overgrowth results in the release of excessive toxins in the bloodstream, which cause excessive stress on the liver to filter these toxins. Systemic enzymes also help maintain optimal yeast levels for supporting a healthy liver. In combination with a healthy diet, systemic enzymes may help improve overall health. Individuals can use systemic enzymes to ensure continued health and wellness, as enzymes help break down vital nutrients from foods making them more accessible for absorption by the body.

Our society continues to become more hectic and fast-paced every day. The major consequence of this lifestyle is occasional inflammation due to simple over-exertion, bumps and bruises. Deerland Enzymes creates custom enzyme blends for products that target joint health or cardiovascular health, incorporating enzymes such as bromelain, nattokinase and serratiopeptidase. To learn more about the powerful potential of systemic enzymes, contact us at today!

About The Expert
John Davidson
Director of Education and Innovation, Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics

John Davidson has been formulating enzyme based dietary supplements for more than 30 years, with a particular focus in human digestion. Davidson’s wide range of experience encompasses nearly all aspects of supplement manufacturing; including QC/QA, blending, encapsulation, tableting, research & development, product development and technical services. In his current role as the Director of Education and Innovation for Deerland Enzymes, Davidson is responsible for both new product innovation, collaborating with R&D and Sales to bring new products to market.

John Davidson

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