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Helping CRN’s OWL Soar

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Chaos and confusion frequently stem from something that is unclear, and can be interpreted or handled in multiple ways. When there’s a lack of a discernible, clear trajectory from point of origin to final product, turmoil can reign.

Transparency must be the ultimate goal for the natural products industry to achieve enduring growth, seeded by the trust and loyalty of a public that now considers our products a necessary part of their wellness. It’s a whole different world that links consumers and their self-care regimens than it was in 1994 when DSHEA was passed.

The Online Wellness Library (OWL), a project of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, is a self-regulatory tool that we at Deerland believe will improve transparency and communications between the research community, suppliers, manufacturers and marketers, healthcare practitioners, retailers and consumers. It’s a place where everyone will be “on the same page”, probably for the very first time in our industry’s history.

It’s easy – visit and upload your labels. We believe that through greater participation, transparent information, and continuous updates, the OWL will reassure regulators that we as an industry take consumer safety very seriously as our priority responsibility. Participation in CRN’s OWL is a declaration that ours is an industry of ethics and integrity.

Getting the OWL to soar is not without challenges. A primary challenge right now is getting the information into the system by persuading brands to commit time to upload all product labels. Tier 1 is free and benefits the industry and the consumers. The OWL database provides a list of available products, the associated product labels, their ingredients, and the brands that market them. Consumers use this information for review and decision-making. As confidence grows and the OWL is used more frequently, having your product on the OWL will signify your company’s ethics via transparency, which easily builds trust in your retail/distribution network, consumers – and the regulators who keep an eagle eye on our industry.

As an industry, it is our responsibility to provide regulators with information- and before the OWL, there hasn’t been a central place where regulators can find that information. Another benefit is that through time, interested media and marketers can begin to discern trends, such as where growth areas are occurring.

We at Deerland will work with our customers to provide any pertinent information related to the products we are making to ensure that there is full transparency and trust. A successful OWL ensures the future of the industry and will continue to foster trust among the industry, regulators and the public.

About The Expert
Hope Hanley
Vice President of Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics

Hope has more than 10 years of experience as VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs with Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics.

Hope Hanley

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